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Chahaignes - Le Haut-Rasné

Welcome to the Domaine de Bellivière

Its philosophy springs from a past linking a permanent search for ever greater knowledge with a spirit that is constantly in turmoil. The ultimate goal in all creative work must be that the actions of the creator disappear in favour of his creation.

Chahaignes terroir: Les Renaudes

We are on a constant search for more knowledge, while targeting what we do with ever greater precision, carried out with deeper knowledge, all based on an ever increasingly sharpened sense of observation.
Experience comes from the past, observation, and listening to the present.  At the same time, it is the tool which allows the creator to let the wine sing of its terroir.  It gives the perspective needed to maintain a good dose of adaptability depending upon the year and other variables.
All our vineyards have been cultivated organically since 2005 and have been certified as biodynamic since the 2011 vintage. (Biodyvin group, certified by Ecocert)


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Christine & Eric Nicolas

Christine & Eric Nicolas

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