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Aromas of yellow and citrus fruits

Food and wine matches...

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L'Effraie 2002, white Coteaux du Loir :

This dry wine is slender, flavoursome and invigorating. Concentrate on the freshness, minerality and body of this wine. Choose scallops with cream, seafood ramekin, grilled salmon with lemon butter sauce, white meat with prawns or scampi, well matured goats cheese.
The ideal meal: Tartare of bass and scallops by Jacques Le Divellec. Oysters, fillet of bass, tartare of scallops with lemon and cream. A sea wind blows and the wine responds immediately playing its mineral score in an acidulated and lively ensemble. To serve in carafe at 11°C.
Thuries Magazine Gastronomie n°159 - May 2004.

Les Rosiers 1998, white Jasnières :

We won’t go on at length about the benefit of the Chenin for aperitif. This wine whose minerality asks to be understood with an almost studied slowness, imposes reserve and even reflection.
Cuisine et Terroirs - Summer 2000.

La Philosophale 1997, white Coteaux du Loir :

While discovering the recipe, I thought to confront my wine not only with the softness of figs and dates, but also with the fine meat of a pullet. The fresh structure of this Coteaux du Loir 1997, made from Chenin grapes gracefully ripe thanks to a miraculous late autumn, reassures me. This rectitude, sweetened by an ever present sugar richness is absolutely charming and distinguished. The combination of softness and freshness magnifies the wine without disturbing the complexity of the meal.
Saveurs - September 1998.

Vieilles Vignes Eparses 1997, white Coteaux du Loir :

Dominique Toulousy of restaurant “Les Jardins de l'Opéra” in Toulouse suggests pike with beurre blanc. The straw yellow colour of medium intensity has a green tint. The intense aromas combine exotic fruits, citrus fruits, quince and distinguished flower notes. The crystallised impression reveals a perfect maturity. The large and dense mouth shows a dominating note of vine peach. Its sweetness is thus perceptible but balanced by an acidity due to the local style. Beautiful end in mouth, long and complex: the very ripe fruit returns with a mineral touch and enhances the deep character of this wine.
Connaître et Choisir le vin - n°160 (Hachette)

Le Rouge-Gorge 1996, red Coteaux du Loir :

Gérard Côme suggests a meal of lamb with herbs and spices with truffle, olive oil and parmesan with "Le Rouge-Gorge". This wine with round and ripe tannins, spicy in mouth, with a soft structure goes very well with the tender lamb.
Thuries Magazine Gastronomie n°106.

Aromas of honey and white fruits
Food matching
Food matching with Domaine de belliviere wines Thuries Magazine n°159 Brochet au beurre blanc (Connaître et choisir le vin n°160) Thuries Magazine: "complicité d'agneau aux herbes et aromates à la truffe"
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