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Aromas of yellow and citrus fruits

Food / wine marriages...

These marriages we sometimes discovered entirely by accidental "meetings" between a dish and a wine, they may equally be associated with events that seasoned our life with happiness.

When you go down into your cellar to look for one of our wines, we describe its style to help you find the perfect match.. Some friends who are chefs or sommeliers have kindly suggested some specific matches with some of our wines. Our colleagues in wine shops will also be happy to guide you in your choices.

2013 Type: Dry
At its peak: in the next 7 years or more
2012 Type: Dry
At its peak: in the next 5 years
2011 Type: Dry
2010 Type: Dry to Off Dry
2009 Type: Dry
2008 Type: Dry
2007 Type: Dry
2006 Type: Dry with fruit
2005 Type: Off dry
2004 Type: Dry
At its peak: 2014-2014
2003 Type: Slightly sweet / Sweet
At its peak: 2008-2015
Food / wine : Roast veal
Bourride (Mediterranean fish soup)
2002 Type: Dry
At its peak: 2012-2017
Food / wine : Pike-perch or Pike with Beurre blanc sauce, lobster, fiddler crab
2001 Type: Dry
At its peak: 2007-2025
Food / wine : Cockles with confit tomatoes
Fresh tuna with a black olive cream and confit fennel
2000 Type: Dry
At its peak: 2003-2008
1999 Type: Dry
At its peak: 2006-2015
Food / wine : Seared slice of fresh foie gras with banana chutney and balsamic vinegar
1998 Type: Dry
At its peak: 2006-2010
1997 Type: Dry
At its peak: 2001-2006
Food / wine : Roast Bresse chicken with woodland mushrooms
Please also see the technical details of the Vieilles Vignes Eparses blend...

Note : Our estimates of perfect readiness for drinking imply good cellaring, and are not binding in any way. Tastes and experiences vary, and people appreciates wine at different stages in its life, according to their own likes and dislikes.


Food matching
Food matching with Domaine de belliviere wines
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