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Clos des Jasnières


When we arrived here in Bellivière 20 years ago, we took over an estate dedicated to mixed farming and livestock. A small subsistence farm of a type that exists no longer. There was no concentration on wine, at least not with the kind of equipment needed today to give the best products.

Looking Back:
Far be it from us to throw the baby out with the bath water, so we will of course continue to use the tufa caves where we house the living must and barrel fermentation. It really would not be intelligent to draw a line under the effort expended and common sense used to develop these unique, special natural spaces which have made our wines what they are.
It was simply a matter of improving the use of the space by the acquisition of a new tool.

It will be necessary to consider all the questions of hygiene, possibilities, precision, energy saving, time, fatigue and handling. The idea was extremely simple. The first criterion was to be the functionality of the place...
The foundations are complete and the first walls have been built. All the builders know that the work on the site simply has to be finished by July. The premises will be operational in August / September and we will vinify the 2015 vintage there.

To develop a great terroir wine in the best traditions of the art of wine making demands the means to do it. We did not have any of the components which go to make up a real winery, capable of allowing the subtlest nuances to remain in the grape juice. This will be done with this link, truly an umbilical cord relaying the vineyard to the winery and the grapes to  the wine.

Before completing this vital building, which will be the  lungs of our wine making, momentum had already begun through a return to the vineyard with increased vigilance and the most profound reflection over how to further improve our viticulture  (we have several projects in mind), the heart of debate.
Great effort in the winery to transmit the reflection in the vineyard better.

Our first son, Clement will join the estate towards the end of the year. His years of study centred mainly around viticulture, will enable him to deepen our mastery of the subject. Our rigor with be complemented by his pragmatism.
Naturally passing on and perpetuating go hand in hand with a sensitive analysis of efficiency and profitability. Efficiency allows us to calculate as accurately as possible the real value of our efforts in financial terms, and thus the cost of our wines.  Profitability because well conducted viticulture, together with well conducted vinification, and a close and cordial relationship with our market and clients will have to lead to prosperity and thence to serenity.

2015, you will appreciate, will once again be a pivotal year! It is only in this moral environment that we can physically and intellectually lead our thinking towards progress, adapting to the changes and moods of the world around us, in short, to ensure the future of our job as  winemakers.  

Les Roches in the Dême valley near Marçon
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