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Les Roches in the Dême valley

The Vineyard

Bunch of Pineau d'Aunis grapes
Earthing-up and hoeing
Eric Nicolas in Haut-Rasné vines
Vines in the Clos des Tuffières

Successive land modifications have provided us a range of 16 parcels which allow the two varieties chosen by the Cistercian monks - Chenin and Pineau d'Aunis - to show off to their best advantage. The omnipresent flinty clays are sometimes heavy and shelter the best terroirs for red wine.

Sometimes closer to the parent rock, the tufa when mixed with micaceous sands whose origins date in part back to the secondary era, allow the Chenin to express finesse, elegance and aromatic richness.

Since 2010, we have been working with the exceptional nurseryman, Lilian BĂ©rillon. For the last five years, we have been selecting the best grafts from our old vines for our plantations and replacements.

We look after the lives of our soil and vines in harmony with nature (winter plowing and varied hoeing). All treatments are organic. Throughout the year the vines are looked after manually.


Entrance to the wineryWellEntrance to a cellarEntrance to a cellar
Work in the cellar

The harvest is manual to respect the integrity of the grape and to allow sorting as appropriate or necessary.

Our wines are made entirely in barrel, exclusively using indigenous yeasts, fermenting at the natural temperature of our tufa caves.

We are building a new winery that will offer all the flexibility of a gravity fed system of operation.  This indispensable element will allow us to treat both must and wine gently from harvest to bottling, without ever using pumps. It will also allow us many new options and choices as well as reducing energy costs.


Cellar and winery Entrance to a cellar The cellars in the limestone (tuffeau) The cellars in the limestone (tuffeau) The cellars in the limestone (tuffeau) The cellars in the limestone (tuffeau) Entrance to a cellar
The vine
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