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The Wines

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- "Premices" is made with young vines, recently converted to organic.
- "Les Rosiers" is a wine assembled from a selection of young vines.
- "Calligramme" is made with vines over 50 years.
- "Franc de Pied" is made from ungrafted vines.
- "Discours de Tuf" (mellow wine) and "Elixir de Tuf" (very sweet) are made in favourable years only. Noble rot (botrytis). Selective grape picking.


- "L'Effraie" is a wine produced from young vines.
- "Vieilles vignes éparses" is a wine produced from vines aged over 50 to 80 years.
- "Haut-Rasné" is a wine made with young vines and resulting from the unique “terroir” Haut-Rasné, able to capture noble rot (botrytis).
- "Philosophale" Exceptional years allow us to obtain this rarer botrytised wine. Selective picking with over 18% vol. on the oldest parcels of Coteaux du Loir.


- "Le Rouge-Gorge" derives from the Pineau d'Aunis grape. The maximum yield is 25hl/ha in order to obtain enough fruit in difficult years.
- "Hommage à Louis Derré" is a wine created in 2000 produced from vines aged over 80 to 100 years. This wine combines the habitual work of extraction with concentration and complexity due to the age of the vines.


- Those whose existence is due to our own imagination and the natural conditions of the soil.
- "Les P'tits Vélos" is a sparkling wine.
-The red "Castor" (cabernet franc) and "Pollux" (Gamay) are only made when the complete maturity of the fruit allows it.
- According to the potential degree at harvest, we vary the rosé wine making from mellow ("La Salamandre" in 2001) to sweet ("Aurore d'Automne" in 1999 and 2001).
We are working more restrictively on the elaboration of a ‘vin de paille’ (made from dried grapes) of Pineau d'Aunis, history tells us that such wines existed in the Loire valley in the past.


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